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How the whole world came together to share Joy and Laughter

World Laughter Day 2020 has been slightly different from previous years, where the coronavirus has meant many of the World are unable to meet with friends and their Laughter Yoga family.

The campaign was started when Pete Cann – Laughter Yoga Leader spoke to Sian Roach, from ‘The Roach Coach’ with an idea to pass the laugh between Laughter Professionals in the United Kingdom.

Setting a target of 30 people before Sunday 3rd May!

Pete Cann came up with the concept of passing the giggle phone between people, by taking the Laughter phone from your right and passing it to the next person to the left.

After day 2 the 30 person target had already been hit and passed! Currently the chain is over 400, and shows no sign of slowing down before Sunday.

Below are the videos of how this global movement spread, and helped create joy during a very difficult time of our lives.

Through the power of community, collaboration, and perseverance, the Giggle Phone has kept growing, spreading hope, joy, and fun into peoples lives, connecting people, helping to lighten their mood.
Please Enjoy,

Love and Laughter Pete Cann x

How World Laughter Day 2020 Giggle Phone Spread – Search your name and find out which video you are in

This is where you can look for your name – You will need to scroll through the list to find your name. Then Look to see which video you are on.

CANNED LAUGHTER CLUB – Postponed Until Further Notice - Due to COVID-19

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