This piece comes from a little bit of a concerned angle, however rather than sit on my high horse and rant I thought I would share my thoughts with you. Which will hopefully resonate and advise you in the power of networking and follow up. You see, yesterday I spent an amazing day at my local University campus, sat on a panel of advisors. Listening carefully to the excited and slightly nervous students pitching their business ideas, ranging from tech to personally designed greeting cards, contact lenses to C1 driving tests. The room was full of new and innovative ideas to set up businesses and make a start on their entrepreneurship journey. The one thing I made sure I did was give my honest and helpful pearls of wisdom to each and everyone of them. Including the chance for a follow up call – by presenting my business card and saying drop me an email and we can follow on from today. FREE advice FREE and honest feedback from a Entrepreneur FREE, FREE, FREE….. The reason I am blurting on about FREE, is because all of them needed money! Or mentioned finance problems in their hours conversations. Now, I am not going to offer them money.. NO, BUT I have contacts in all of their chosen industries. I have knowledge of building a business from Zero. I have cried and laughed and certainly have a rail full of every t-shirt in my business wardrobe. So WHY have none of these young Entrepreneurs followed up with an email? Are they busy? Are they scared? Have they forgotten? Who knows.. What has become clear to me is that the power of following up on a friendly and helpful hand is crucial to grow your business. Your Network is ultimately your Net worth! Lets see what today’s emails bring! P.S – I managed to secure a meeting with one of the other mentors within 1 hour of meeting with him, But I do know the power of a follow up. You Cann Follow Up – Networking Tips 1. As soon as you finish your networking session or have met with anyone who has dropped their card – Find them on Linkedin, Email them and follow them on their social media platforms, this shows you are keen to progress your initial contact. 2. If they mentioned anything that you can help them with, make sure you pass on any relevant contacts or links you said you would do. This is an amazing way to start cementing a relationship. 3. We are all busy in business, however make sure you schedule a 2nd follow up. They may not respond to the first contact, however a 2nd, or 3rd nudge is sometimes needed. If you really want to grow your network, offer to take them out for a coffee. 4. Make sure you have a handful of cards, or provide your contact details too. This is crucial to stay present in some ones mind.